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Operations & Maintenance

· Operations
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Managing the day to day operations of your lagoon effectively and efficiently is what we do. Our nation wide experience with lagoon technology and systems ensures that your lagoon is always blue.

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How your lagoon is managed daily can be the difference between #KeepingItBlue, and watching it turn green. Our experience through the years and around the country gives you an 'Easy Button' to press , and the assurance that all key elements of the operations are taken care of.

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What we manage

  1. The routine operation and maintenance of lagoon filtration, pneumatic and electrical systems, telemetry systems, and chemical systems.
  2. All chemical and bacterial testing to keep in compliance with county and state regulations.
  3. Manual cleaning of the lagoon.
  4. Additive and equipment ordering and inventory upkeep. 
  5. Wildlife removal.
  6. Amenity upkeep.
  7. Facilitation of major and minor lagoon re-construction projects.
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We do all this and more! Whatever it takes to keep your lagoon running and blue, we do. Reach out for a free consultation today!