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Lagoon Startups

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As your lagoon fills up for the first time, don’t get caught off guard with a nasty lagoon as you approach your grand opening. Read below to see how we can create a smooth transition from empty to operational.

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The start up of a lagoon is going to be unique to each and every one.  As construction continues, press increases, and time speeds up leading to your grand opening, we are experienced in managing all problems in real time to ensure a Problem Free start up.

Where we can help

  1. Manual cleaning of lagoon during construction.
  2. Proper chemical balance of lagoon during the filling process to avoid algae and scaling.
  3. Testing of lagoon systems and equipment.
  4. Operational SOP’s written specifically for your lagoon.
  5. Final construction cleanup of lagoon and amenity.
  6. Quality assurance of all operations once completely filled.
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With every lagoon being different, lets us help you start yours problem free. Reach out to a consultant today to see what #KeepingItBlue has to do with your lagoon and you!